Free Domain Name Appraisal

What is dVALUATOR ?

A free domain name appraisal and valuation tool that instantly appraise any domain name taking into account of various critical factors of a domain name.

Why do you need a domain name appraisal ?

The key to success of a web site is the DOMAIN NAME. For this reason, domain name has become an Internet digital property with very high value. The more something becomes valuable, the more it's connected to the business world resulting to the "real estate" business of the Internet. There are thousands of domain names being traded across the Internet, across the world. The price ranging from $10 to $99,000,000 and a few costing above $99,000,000. Hence don't buy a domain for much and don't sell a domain for less....Try our free domain appraisal tool before finalize the buying selling deal.

How dVALUATOR works ?

Our tool dVALUATOR appraise/valuate domain names takes various Internet related factors into account to calculate the domain market value and some of them are:
Domain Names Metrics
Domain Search Volume
Domain CPC
Domain Authority
Alexa Rank
MOZ Rank
Domain Keywords
Domain Category
Keywords SERP
Domain Age
Domain NS Records History
Similar Domains Sale History
Domain Name Competition
Word Tracker Score
Earning Potential and More ...